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DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! I have had countless issues with The Forum from the beginning. I've received fees for any and everything that I can think of from Water/Sewage to extra Utility/Electricity fees. Around December of last year, I called to speak to the new manager Brandon because I would not be able to pay the remainder of my rent until I got paid again in another week. When I spoke to him and told him I wouldn't be able to pay it immediately he rudely responded "so what are you going to do?" He's not the only one that has spoken to me this way, all of the employees are obviously untrained and have literally no idea what they are doing. Last week, the tube behind my roommates toilet literally popped off and flooded half of the apartment. We went to the office to ask how long it would take, and got no type of reassurance at all. They literally stared at us like we were crazy for our apartment flooding for no reason. I've also been charged an extra $40 of utility fees this month and when I asked an employee why the best she could explain this was "because the fees usually go up around this time of the year." I was planning on renewing my lease and decided not to after thinking it over and now I'm being charged with a $526.15 relent fee. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE avoid these apartments at all costs. It is simply not worth the time, stress and thousands of dollars.

I like the location of the complex. I do not like how long it takes for maintenance and they don't really fix things the first time. We did pay for a gated community and the gate has been left open since we moved in.

My first two years here were great, and I had no complaints, but since my renewed lease started in August, it has been nothing but a MESS. I was charged twice for forced renters insurance even though I’ve had my own since I moved in TWO YEARS AGO, and they continue the pester me to pay the charges when I made it clear that I wouldn’t. They continue to tell me the charges will be dropped when my insurance is “verified” but it has been almost 3 months now, and they won’t leave me alone about paying it. NEW MANAGMENT SUCKS.

Staff is great. Always there to help you. Just a great place and community. The appointments are amazing it’s nice to have your own space!!!

Lived in Denton for two years. I’ve stayed at Uptown for two years. I’m planning on staying here for one year. Best room ever for the same price.

Internet is a huge upgrade from last year, apartments are pretty nice although tend to have issues that should have been fixed prior to move in, but nothing awful. Maintenance crew is superb. Little too pricey for my taste, but a good location all in all.

My overall experience at forum hasn’t been too bad. I lived here last year and I renewed my lease. My only issue this year is the management is very rude and unprofessional. Aside from that, the complex itself is great.

My experience was great the first year, but the second year I did not receive the same customer service. After bringing two people in and renewing, I thought i’d get a good deal but now pay way more than I did last year and more than the two people I brought in. I also don’t like that the guy roommate I have did not have a social security/background check.

Overall the social life is great here however the apartment always had leaks and etc. which make living here annoying. But the community and room space mad everything better

I’ve lived here for almost 5 years and really haven’t had any issues that the staff or maintenance couldn’t help me with. The amenities are great for the most part, as far as the ones I’ve used

It has been OK but the maintenance needs work. Also there a couple employees that are not so nice and I still haven't received a fob and the gates are still open.

It's hard for me to give this place more then 2 stars when I have received consistent problems from them this year. Fines, missing items when I moved back into my unit. Last sprig our apartment flooded when they came to install our internet. I will say I love the pool and the gym is always empty when I go so my workouts are more private.

I would have had a better experience at the forums if the management was a little better. Everything from the amenities to the overall community environment is terrible. My downstair neighbors harass me and my other roommates by calling the cops on us for legitimately no reason. But they are the main ones that host parties and make the most noise. The so-called security officer and courtesy officer are useless because they continue to do nothing about the safety of its residents. Of all the student living I have experience this is by far the worst of them all. The new leasing contracts for current renewals is completely botched because they decided to add additional fees and charges without our consent. If I sign a lease anywhere I expect to pay the fees I agreed to not additional charges that will have nothing to do with me. I would never recommend living at the Forums to anyone and would advise anyone looking for apartments to either stay on campus or commute.

The resident of the Fourm is amazing. The people working there are really nice and helpful. The expenses are really low and cheap as well. And the pool is a great add on. The biggest weakness are the washer and dryers and quality of the TV sets are poor.

I like my apartment for the most part. The area around here is very peaceful and the people are very nice. The office staff is very friendly as well for the most part so I do like it here.

cool place to live that is not too far from campus and can get you to where you need to go via shuttle. The train can be a bit much but you get used to it

So far so good. I have had zero to little problems. If there is a problem and we report it to the office or maintenance they fix the issue right away. Management is always helpful.

I love my stay at the forums! I love my room, having my own bathroom and style of the apartment. Also I can’t forget about the amazing amenities! Great gym, pool and hot tub! It’s been such a great experience living here. I do have one complaint... I wish they would’ve placed me better with my roommates. All of my roomates wake up super early and I don’t. I get woken up almost daily. Which is annoying! Other than that I love it!

It is a nice facility but maintenance is slow and problems are not addressed appropriately or taken seriously. e.g. the gate has been broken for like 2-3 months and it does not seem like a priority to get it fixed.

So far, I haven't had any problems with the apartment other than the fact that there does seem to be a lot of small bugs like rolly polly's near the doors.

It has been Ok, I dont like living in building 5 tho, due to the train being directly behind. Also maintenance tends to be pretty slow. But besides that it is a decent place to live

I have really enjoyed living at the Forums for the past year. It is my first one bedroom apartment, and I am very thankful to be living in such a nice facility.

Very quiet place close to school and relaxing and of of course cheap rent. The staff is great the area is close to a bunch of shopping centers

I really appreciate the Forum, and how safe I feel in the complex. I also really enjoy the amenities such as the computer lab, the gym, the pool, and the volleyball courts.

So far I have enjoyed living here a lot, it is 100 times better than living in the dorms on campus. One major reason for that is having my own room and bathroom, another is how amazing my roommates are!

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