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I really like licking where I live, the apartment is well furinished and the community is very fun to be around, happy people doing what they do.

I have had an overall great experience living here. If I had better roommates I would have enjoyed it much more. Other than that the staff is very helpful and solve any issues on a timely manner which is very important to me.

My experience living here has been good so far, I do plan on renewing my lease and probably staying here till I graduate from UNT. The staff in the leasing office is also really helpful.

The forum has not been bad , I feel safe for the most part in my apartment. Most of the staff are very helpful. My biggest issue with the forum is maintenance sometimes it can take weeks for maintenance to fix minor cosmetic problems and it’s taken them over a month to fix major issues. I have been living here for 4 years and when I first moved in to these apartments maintenance stayed on top of things. It’s a little different now.

building manager Jamie is horrible and rude! Our apartment is literally falling apart and the maintenance wont come and fix it. when the apartment complex switched out our cable, they took our remote and now they refuse to gives us a remote, so we don't have cable even though its in our lease. Its been 6 months since they promised to give us a trashcan and we still don't have one. if you're deciding whether or not to live here.....DON'T DO IT!!!!

I stayed here because I thought it was gated but the gate is always open. There’s not much parking around my building. There is inconsistency with the advertising and something is always broke at the gym.

I’ve had the best experience here so much fun things love how the staff is always involved!! The gym and dog park are my favorite also tanning you can’t get any better than that!

It’s been great so far, had some issues at the beginning with our door and scent of old pee but after that everything has been very good. No issues.

i love this apartment compared to my last one. the small issues that i had, the maintence was really fast at making sure i was happy. the staff is easy to work with as well.

The apartment itself is great and the staff is very nice, but I wish they were more informative with all their amenities. For example, their Instagram posted an image on their tanning beds and I didn’t realized the apartment offered that and I still don’t know where it’s located.

The apartment is nice but just had lots of maintenance issues that, at first, took a while to be taken care of. We’d have people come and fix it but then the next day it would not be working again (washer/dryer/fridge). Also, it wouldn’t be awful for there to be more parking for both residents and guests. Sometimes I’ve had to walk what felt like miles from my car to my apartment because of parking issues.

The appartment itself is greate but the service is slow and people don’t seem to care much. Sometimes it takes weeks and multiple requests for maintenance to come.

The complex is beautiful, the staff sometimes has no idea what what are doing. But for the price they are good apartments. I would most likely refer a friend.

I have not lived in the apartments yet, but my experiences have been positive so far. The apartment staff has been incredibly pleasant, and helpful.

Great living there but everything they said they were going to fix or do when we signed still hasnt been done. I'm basically over paying for my apartment.

It’s been okay. Works orders get filled somewhat quickly, but we’ve had lots of issues with bugs and other residents. Overall it’s been alright

For the most part, it’s great living here but sometimes they take a long time to get things done, it sometimes takes a long time for maintenance to come fix things.

I like that the apartments already come fully furnished and it’s a nice place to live. I also like that it’s easy to communicate with the office whenever help is needed

Good but you owe me $100 and refuse to give it to me. It's from my look and lease in the same day. I have come by your office two different times. Pay me.

Maintenance is very slow and inefficient . Also the security guard doesn’t stop people from being at the pool after hours. I love the amount of parking available

Love it wow. Great place to live at. The tanning center is great. Super fast and easy. I love the pool. The gym is great. The office staff is nice

The only issues I’ve noticed are the constant smell of pot everywhere and the train that sounds like it’s about to come crashing through your window a few times a day. Other than that, it’s all good.

The overall experience has been pretty good. I love the aparments room sizes and amenities. There seems to be problems with the internet still after saying it was being worked on (nothing changed)

The apartment itself is great. Everything was in great condition when I moved in. It seems like it’s taking forever for the staff to complete tasks. Takes maintenance a long time to respond to your requests.

For the most part, the experience has been alright. The maintenance team was really slow getting things fixed and the staff isn't too great but other than that not too bad, probably wouldn't renew though

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