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I hate this place. Wouldn’t recommend to ANYONE!! WiFi sucks and we paying for it. Our conservice bill is always sky high and they have no explanation for it. When you go in he bathroom and cut on the light it sounds like a roaring lion. Would recommend 1451. Right across the street. You’ll end up paying the same price. The forums is a rip off

Overall a good apartment but sometimes they lack In having organizationshen it comes to maintenance and other concerns when it comes to issues dealing with residents.

By far the best student housing in Denton. The front office staff is super sweet & caters to your every need! I absolutely love living here!

It’s not too bad. Just expected things to be a bit nicer. For example, when we moved in our dishwasher and oven weren’t clean. Our couches look old and worn in.

I love the Forum, the location is great the complex is super clean. The staff is very nice and the ammenities they offer are great. There isn’t any major issue that I would change!

Excellent, in a word. I enjoy waking up and being close to the things I may need. The Amenities are great and 24hr access is always a plus. I would recommend this complex.

Good priced utilities and safe neighborhood, not loud, only problem I’ve had is that they take forever to get here after maintenance requests.

I love it ! I would most likely renew my lease! It has been a great experience. My apartment is great, and it’s a great apartment to live!!!

It’s a nice place to live. I really enjoy the neighborhood, it’s safe and everyone is friendly. The staff are very helpful and anytime you need maintenance in the apartment, they are always willing to help.

Great living, nice office staff. If you are looking for cheap living but wanting to stay somewhere still relatively nice and close to campus, this is the place for you.

After living here for almost two years I'm so ready for my lease to be up I cannot handle the unprofessional environment hopefully they will get it together

The forum is a great place for student living. The staff is very nice and helpful whenever i need help. The forum is livel with all the events they do

I enjoy the short commute to class but not the tardiness in maintenance requests. Managers don’t respond to emails, staff isn’t always very helpful either

Moving in to this apartment complex was an easy and smooth process. Having many work orders in when I moved in, none of them got accomplished until over a month in of living here. The time frame was understandable though because of the time I submitted it. I haven’t had any awful or amazing experiences here. The forum has been an okay experience for me.

It’s great, love the pool, love the food, love the service love the free stuff, love the love. Love the community rewards, love the appliances

DO NOT LIVE HERE!!! I have had countless issues with The Forum from the beginning. I've received fees for any and everything that I can think of from Water/Sewage to extra Utility/Electricity fees. Around December of last year, I called to speak to the new manager Brandon because I would not be able to pay the remainder of my rent until I got paid again in another week. When I spoke to him and told him I wouldn't be able to pay it immediately he rudely responded "so what are you going to do?" He's not the only one that has spoken to me this way, all of the employees are obviously untrained and have literally no idea what they are doing. Last week, the tube behind my roommates toilet literally popped off and flooded half of the apartment. We went to the office to ask how long it would take, and got no type of reassurance at all. They literally stared at us like we were crazy for our apartment flooding for no reason. I've also been charged an extra $40 of utility fees this month and when I asked an employee why the best she could explain this was "because the fees usually go up around this time of the year." I was planning on renewing my lease and decided not to after thinking it over and now I'm being charged with a $526.15 relent fee. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE avoid these apartments at all costs. It is simply not worth the time, stress and thousands of dollars.

I like the location of the complex. I do not like how long it takes for maintenance and they don't really fix things the first time. We did pay for a gated community and the gate has been left open since we moved in.

My first two years here were great, and I had no complaints, but since my renewed lease started in August, it has been nothing but a MESS. I was charged twice for forced renters insurance even though I’ve had my own since I moved in TWO YEARS AGO, and they continue the pester me to pay the charges when I made it clear that I wouldn’t. They continue to tell me the charges will be dropped when my insurance is “verified” but it has been almost 3 months now, and they won’t leave me alone about paying it. NEW MANAGMENT SUCKS.

Staff is great. Always there to help you. Just a great place and community. The appointments are amazing it’s nice to have your own space!!!

Lived in Denton for two years. I’ve stayed at Uptown for two years. I’m planning on staying here for one year. Best room ever for the same price.

Internet is a huge upgrade from last year, apartments are pretty nice although tend to have issues that should have been fixed prior to move in, but nothing awful. Maintenance crew is superb. Little too pricey for my taste, but a good location all in all.

My overall experience at forum hasn’t been too bad. I lived here last year and I renewed my lease. My only issue this year is the management is very rude and unprofessional. Aside from that, the complex itself is great.

My experience was great the first year, but the second year I did not receive the same customer service. After bringing two people in and renewing, I thought i’d get a good deal but now pay way more than I did last year and more than the two people I brought in. I also don’t like that the guy roommate I have did not have a social security/background check.

Overall the social life is great here however the apartment always had leaks and etc. which make living here annoying. But the community and room space mad everything better

I’ve lived here for almost 5 years and really haven’t had any issues that the staff or maintenance couldn’t help me with. The amenities are great for the most part, as far as the ones I’ve used