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I’ve had a few issues but so far it’s been great living here! I love the location and how close it is to many stores and my school. The pool is amazing as well.

This place is great to live at. Very nice staff and a wonderful peaceful environment. I spoke to many staff members about issues and they were quick to give me a call back and or take extra precautions to get things done for me.

The staff is extremely accommodating and helpful, they give real information instead of only knowing the rules. The amenities are garbage though, the gym is always dirty with no kind of cleaning supplies for residents to clean the machines, the mirrors are broken, neither door opens so you have to use a side window, the indoor basketball court is some kind of storage for extra furniture, none of the cable machines work, the free weights are missing someone the weights, one of the cable machine works only on one side, the ability of whomever the maintenance staff is lacking when it comes to completing a work order. If I’m paying for this and it’s not working either these amenities need to get fixed or the charges for these amenities need to be taken off my rent

I like the community it is very friendly and welcoming . also i lie the reward system it is very cool and interactive and gets people more involves

The Forums are good and home welcoming.This student living is cheaper then any other student living on campus only if you sign when they have special deal dates.

Living here as been alright, the apartments are decent , you get what you pay for, the gym is has many broke machines, pool is nice, I live in a 3x3 and pay around 660 a month.

Everything was extremely dirty during move in, we had painters painting while we tried to move in none of our keys worked, many things were broken, everything was disgusting and nothing was really done about it, maintenance is extremely slow, I’m paying too much for things to be the way they are

I hated living in the Forum. The gate was never closed, the emergency maintenance didn't answer while my apartment alarms were going off... turned out to be because they hadn't changed the air filter in who knows how long and the heating unit overheated. The area behind my aprtment building was all mud and standing water. To top it all off they tried to charge extra money at move-out

My first apartment here and I love it It’s a wonderful experience living here and the rent isn’t that bad compared to other apartments And it’s really close to unt

Apartment community is nice and willing to help, the amenities are resourceful. The apartments them selves are worth the price and nice help staff

Worst complex I have ever been to. Customer service is terrible. It takes weeks for anybody to respond and show any acknowledgement. Most unorganized office. Papers are everywhere, nobody knows how to do anything. Maintenance takes months.

The management talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. They take advantage of the fact you’re a young college student and walk over you, that is until you get a parent involved.

The apt inside is great and I like that it came with its own furniture. However maintenance is sometimes slow and I never receive regular mail on time. I do get packages in a timely manner which is something I can count on.

This is my 4th year staying at the Forums. The staff in the office are friendly. The amenities are well maintained. Close to campus. Has a unt bus stop in front of the complex. When I changed buildings there was a really bad pest problem. The past year I had to call the office that my A/C stopped working at 3 times alone in the past year. The maintenance orders are quickly resolved though. Overall I have had a good experience. My first and second year I was in building 4, and it’s extremely close to the train tracks. The train sometimes comes at very inconvenient times of the day such as 2am.

This is my second year living here and id say overrall its been a good experience. The one complaint i feel is the apartment rent is too over priced. Student housing shouldn’t kill the bank

The Forums is great but the biggest downfall is the maintenance. It takes forever to get things done. Community is always pretty clean and nice.

I love living here but the last month has been tainted by work orders never being done. I have waited a month, and talked to staff seven times to get my dryer fixed, and no one has even been by to look at it. I have also had orders in for my washer and oven for a month. Not one work on those. I wish I could give five stars but I am frustrated.

The forum is a good place to spend the college experience. There are myriad things to do like hang out at the pool, go to the recreational center, or just hang with friends.

Paying so much rent for just a little space. My own house back in cedar hill is bigger than this. Tv is too complicated to operate, like why do we have 2 remotes for?

Overall an okay community. Staff and security could be better. Good price for college living and good amenities. However, securityy is a down

Good community but could have better communication through staff and needs more security. Good price and overall good apartments. Good for cheap college living

Great community! I love it here. I am signing my second lease here and don’t regret a thing. Shasta is amazing and cares about her residents!

Its decently clean. Staff is great. I sadly keep missing the events tho. Gate use ton be need code but then they reopened it. Glad they finally cleaned my stairs because it was getting really dirty.

A great place to live. Office staff friendly and informative, pet friendly never had a problem with keeping up maintainance. The apartment itself are well kept the rooms are spacious.

The Forum Apartment has improved massively, I use to not like staying here but ever since the improvements were made I have enjoyed staying here.