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Great living could be a lot better tho like cleaner in some parts more grass on the ground and better service. Sometimes my toilet leaks but if you look past all that it decent living

It’s been great not much to complain about. Happy with my first apartment. Maintenance could be better, more respectful with times and notice, but overall good!

The grounds of the apartment are pretty good. There are just a lot of little things wrong with the apartment like our sink leaking and not getting fixed.

I have really enjoyed my stay at the Forums up until about six months ago when the internet and maintenance became an issue. I live alone, and the fact that there were people from third parties coming into my apartment on almost a weekly basis for a month and a half gave me a lot of anxiety. I have a one bedroom because I’m a pretty private person, and the amount of times people needed to come in to fix the internet service is just unacceptable. I had not had issues with maintenance when I first moved in, but over the summer my air conditioning was not working and it took them almost three weeks to address the problem. It seems that department is very understaffed as I had to wait nearly a month for someone to come look at my sink in the fall. By that time I had spent the money to fix the sink myself because I could not go a month without washing my dishes. Like I said when I first moved in over a year ago, I was in love with this complex, but now the amount of money I pay just isn’t worth it.

Living here definitely has its perks! It’s conveniently close to campus, but just far enough away to offer you great relaxation after a long day at school. It has a cozy feel to it. I love it here!

The forums is nice and save. And staff is pretty good and maintenance is good as well. I like how we have a great pool and a great clubhouse. With free printing and Apple computers with a study lounge to its self.

Everyone does they’re own thing but they are all very nice! There is constantly people coming in and out of the complex so you know that there’s a lot going on.

I like living here at the forum. There are small things that I don't really like that change how I feel. They look nothing like the show room/ pictures. That’s what I was signing up for, that’s what I had In mind not this. The washer and dryer are terrible, and matience takes forever to respond. The staff is super friendly, it’s a pretty clean and nice complex. I feel Safe even though the gate is NEVER closed (which is one of the main reasons I moved In here). But over all, the good outweighs the bad for the most part and I enjoy Living here.

It’s not a bad place to live at all, management is friendly most times and works with you, the only thing that I would complain about is the price. $800 for a room in an apartment is pretty steep.

Although it may have security issues, horrible maintenance requests and less resident appreciation events, they’ve gotten better staff and renovations for their residents.

Love it! Finally moving out of my parents house and getting ready for school in the fall has me so excited for what’s in store for my new life at the forum! Leasing office is amazing and so attentive to your problems. The property is modern and super cool! Love it!

It's a nice place to live that come with a lot of amenities from Furnished apartments to 24 hour fitness center. I guess favorite part is the complimentary wifi they have!

Ive had a great time here so far, the roommate matching was spot on. However, I cannot stand the noise my upstairs neighbors produce. They have disrupted the peace so many times.

Okay staff but could be more attentive to maintenance issues being resolved faster. Make sure what is offered is exactly what is given-too many fake promises

I enjoy living at the Forum! The management staff is highly respectable and I have enjoyed living here for over half a year. The community seems to be well rounded also.

I really like licking where I live, the apartment is well furinished and the community is very fun to be around, happy people doing what they do.

I have had an overall great experience living here. If I had better roommates I would have enjoyed it much more. Other than that the staff is very helpful and solve any issues on a timely manner which is very important to me.

My experience living here has been good so far, I do plan on renewing my lease and probably staying here till I graduate from UNT. The staff in the leasing office is also really helpful.

The forum has not been bad , I feel safe for the most part in my apartment. Most of the staff are very helpful. My biggest issue with the forum is maintenance sometimes it can take weeks for maintenance to fix minor cosmetic problems and it’s taken them over a month to fix major issues. I have been living here for 4 years and when I first moved in to these apartments maintenance stayed on top of things. It’s a little different now.

building manager Jamie is horrible and rude! Our apartment is literally falling apart and the maintenance wont come and fix it. when the apartment complex switched out our cable, they took our remote and now they refuse to gives us a remote, so we don't have cable even though its in our lease. Its been 6 months since they promised to give us a trashcan and we still don't have one. if you're deciding whether or not to live here.....DON'T DO IT!!!!

I stayed here because I thought it was gated but the gate is always open. There’s not much parking around my building. There is inconsistency with the advertising and something is always broke at the gym.

I’ve had the best experience here so much fun things love how the staff is always involved!! The gym and dog park are my favorite also tanning you can’t get any better than that!

It’s been great so far, had some issues at the beginning with our door and scent of old pee but after that everything has been very good. No issues.

i love this apartment compared to my last one. the small issues that i had, the maintence was really fast at making sure i was happy. the staff is easy to work with as well.

The apartment itself is great and the staff is very nice, but I wish they were more informative with all their amenities. For example, their Instagram posted an image on their tanning beds and I didn’t realized the apartment offered that and I still don’t know where it’s located.