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This place is isn’t bad not good but I wish they bought back chic fli a breakfast when I transferred here. Other than that they’re really involved with their residents

Living here has been a good experience and has worked really well because this is my first apartment and I feel the staff here work well with you.

As a resident i have grown to love living at the forums. The environment is very welcoming and the units are clean. Looking foward to living here again next year.

Apartment was clean with quick maintenance response. I have enjoyed my stay at the forums of all the student living apartments I have stayed in at my time in Denton this was the best.

Please don’t live here. It’s nasty. Trash everywhere dog poop everywhere weird maintenance people that come in ur apartment without notice and scare the u know what out of you.

Maintenance takes a long time. I have cracks on my wall since I first moved in. It has not been fixed. There has been a lot of things I fixed myself because the apartments take so long to fix.

Living here has been super convenient and fun! The staff are caring and always want to help you with any issues that you are having with your apartment.

The location of the apartment complex is convenient it’s close to campus. I like the amenities and the maintenance guys are quick with repairing things.

I have lived here for a year and a half and have overalls enjoyed my experience. I love the upgraded unit, it looks more up to date and more modern.

It was great my first year & most of the people in the office are nice but they blow off a lot of emails and requests. Specially the main manager, Jaime.

Whave bugs in our apartment and we have called maintenance many times and yet there are bugs still everywhere. My roommates and I were told that we were receiving gift cards when we signed our lease and never got them because they “expired”

I think that the forum at denton provides great quality amenities and has great quality apartment rooms with a great environment overall. I really like how it also has a dog park

It a nice place to live with some really nice people around you. The place is mostly clean and they take out your trash. They also have a pool you can relax at. They do have dryer issues, TV isn't great and until recently had terrible internet but it overall is good for the price

Staff is great. But I just wish they would stop going in and out of apartments 24/7 and do something about noisy neighbors and the trash issue all over the property.

My experience staying at the forum has been really awesome !theyhave a great staff , they keep everyone engaged with different activities and it’s very quiet! I love the forum

New management is really great, but a lot of residents are really disrespectful and throw parties at all hours or just make obnoxious noise at all hours of the day and night.

The Forum has great amenities like the pool, gym, and tanning. There’s always something to do here and the apartment itself is pretty nice for the price you pay. I took off stars bc maintenance often just walks in and they also take a while to respond to requests. Other than that I like the forums

Management is pretty rude. They never seem to truly care and haven’t been very helpful. The other staff is pretty nice. The amenities are amazing and a huge perk.

I wouldn’t say this is the best apartments but i can’t complain it is quiet and mostly clean. Garbage is picked up often and they have a nice pool and volleyball area

it can be better. I just hate how my room looks so different from what i was shown during the tour. there’s also a family of cats always near my apartment. i hate cats. i called to see if any could get done and i got hung up on... multiple occasions actually..

I enjoy living here as it's fairly nice and has lots of amenities. However, I don't like the current parking situation through the app, it's frustrating not being able to register visitors all the time.

Forum is a fairly nice apartment complex, especially if you aren’t looking for some place too expensive to live. The main perk I have found so far is the flooring and that the washers and dryers are in each unit.

Great place to live and wonderful things to do at the apartment facility. Also made a lot of new friends and can catch the shuttle to school

Been here going on 4 years. Overall great experience. Only problem initially was the living by the train tracks, but got accustomed to it after awhile. No longer live near the tracks.

Really enjoying living at The Forum! The bus system is bery convenient. Although, I wish they had better visitor parking for those who have guests, seems like no matter what, people get towed.