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Forum’s is a nice place to live. With an even better price. There are only little problems here and there that can definitely be fixed. Just waiting for gate clicker to arrive and 200 dollar gift card

great place to live, positive community maintenance is a little shaky but it is a great place to live, rent is reasonable staff listens to you

I think that the gates should be closed now and that maintenance should be able to respond faster to issues. People should be fined for not picking up their dog poop I have walked on poop multiple times walking to my apartment or walking to the bus stop.

I recommended this place to my roommate and immediately regretted it. Very disappointed as to how I was treated. Luckily theres only two people on staff at the office and the maintenance crew that are very helpful.

The positives: I have a roof over my head. I have a bed. I have a kitchen and a way to cook/feed myself. I can afford the rent. The leasing office people are friendly when you talk to them, and I think they are doing the best they can do given whatever difficulties they may be going through.The negatives: My mail has been lost, has taken an extremely long time to be put in my mailbox after delivery, I have not been notified of packages arriving, or I received other residents' mail. Our TV was broken prior to my move in (May), there have been multiple requests to replace it and promises from the leasing office to do so, but it is now October and it has not happened. It has been a little under a month since submitting a work order for a broken ice box, which has leaked and ruined part of the kitchen floor. There is not enough parking (I often have to drive around or park rather far from my apartment). One of my roommates (who has been living in that apartment for the past two years) is allergic to cats and we were paired randomly with a roommate who has cats (after the application stated he did not want to live with pets).Overall, most of the experience has been largely negative, especially given that the leasing office has made multiple promises to fix broken things, promises which have not been fulfilled.I would only renew my lease here if I were desperate for an affordable roof over my head. Will be making an attempt to live elsewhere after my lease here ends.

Careless management. Weed smokers everywhere in the complex. Poor maintenance. Complaint never gets heard. Since the corporate came in, they are just not worthy of money i pay.

Honestly, I expected a lot worst when I read the reviews on The Forum. But it hasn't been an awful experience. Maintenance is slow and somethings are falling apart. Also, I have a little trouble with the resident portal, and payments but other than that it's not a terrible place to stay, especially for the price.

Living at the Forum has been nice besides dealing with maintenance. When there a problem it won’t be resolved for weeks. I wish they would be a bit more involved and host more events for residents

Pretty nice apartments and decent amenities, maintenance could be more timely. Especially in the fitness center. Also the building always smells like marijuana

Not too bad, work orders take ages to be addressed and still waiting to receive a gift card promised when I signed my lease. Rent always seems to have additional charges that are unexpected and possibly in correct.

So far my experience has been alright. Not the worse not the best... i have not received the $200 gift card for when I signed my lease. I also get emails about packages in the office even after I picked them up.

I love the Forums. I love how big my room is, so much space for the value. I will say, my dishwasher has been broken pretty much since I've moved in. I put in a work order and called them and nothing has been done. Also, the people above me sound like they're moving their couch across the room every night. But other than that, love it lol

Speed bumps broken, gates have been broken since before move-in, recent problems with accounting and mail/packages, other than that the staff is really nice and willing to help with issues.

Apartments are great but maintenance takes a while. There could be better lighting especially around the pool and volleyball courts. But everything else is pretty easy

I think this property has great potential to be great. I think the main issue is the training for the students working in the leasing office and maintenance. As a new resident (or customer paying to live here) I aspect to at least get the correct answer and not go to multiple people. The number of times I have been asked “who did you talk to” just makes it seem like there is no training or supervision. As for the maintenance there has to be money somewhere to at least hire one more person. It’s taking about a month to even get a response to the issue. I think if some training was implemented and more was communicated to residents it would be better.

management lowkey sucks and is super unorganized. i do like living here it’s a nice place but the lack luster management really kills the whole mood.

The apartment community is clean, quite most of the time and my neighbors are friendly. It is also very organized parking wise. However, when I receive a package I don’t get notifications I have to go in and ask for it.

It’s an okay place and the rent is pretty cheap. I’ve liked my stay so far. I think the whole not being able to sign up a car for guest parking too many days in a row is lame and really sucks. The tow company is rude as well. But idc about that as much as the apartment itself.

This is going to be my second year at the Forum and I have ran into problems with the appliances in the unit that too long to be fixed. We had a dirty filter in the A/C and broken washer.

I love my roommates. They previously knew each other and welcomed me with open arms. They are clean and quiet and we share some of the same interests. They even told me not to buy anything because they had enough for me. I’m glad I chose forums.

The apartment is very nice and very spacious. The only complaint I have is that our freezer and fridge have been broken for 4 weeks and it has not been fixed yet.

Forums at Denton is a great studying living to be at, since I moved in I have really had any issues. The staff is great and cater to your needs. I will recommend it to anyone.

So far, the Forum at Denton Station has been a very friendly place. The apartment community is very nice and when I have questions, they are quick to answer and help me with what I need.

Overall the community is nice and the apartments are nice. Sometimes the buses are too crowded depending on the time of day but there are many buses running at once.

Overall, the complex is nice with nice buildings and nice living space. However, I do not like the hidden charges that I am having to pay...