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Tips for Being Mindful and Staying Positive

May 11, 2020

Everybody gets stressed — it’s a universally shared experience of being human. But when not managed properly, it can wreak havoc on an individual’s general well-being. Stress is directly linked to physical health and longevity (not to mention the mental impacts and general quality of life), so it’s important to make an effort to manage your stress levels. 

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The Best Restaurants in Ames, IA

October 25, 2019

Ames, Iowa is home to some of the most diverse selection of restaurants in the state. With over 30,000 hungry students enrolled at Iowa State University, it has brought a large amount of unique cultural foods and restaurants to the city. With an amazing array of different restaurants in Ames, we at Stadium View decided to compile an incredible list of the best restaurants in Ames, IA.

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