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The tour was very informative. The inside and outside amenities are great. The outside pool is great for swimming laps. Love the beach volleyball.

I haven't started living here yet but i viewed the area and i'm looking forward to it. The forums seems like a nice environment to be living in.

Well its the 4th day here and our AC and our fridge is broken, so thats fun! However, the staff is very friendly and so are the residents. I love the hot tub, gym and game room.

I love the environment. Also, the staff is very helpful and friendly. "I also love the pool, hot tub, free food, staff, and work out room." "This place has a nice living space, free food, and a great atmosphere."

Awesome I love it. I love it some more, I love it yesterday, and it’s great and they are great and I like the hardwood floors...yupp... it’s great

I love this place so much it’s the best apartment complex in Denton their trash valet service is really what pulled me in it’s a huge luxury to have and saves a lot of time

I like this apartment because it’s very roomy, the people are nice and I love the scenery. Great view with either apartment you receive, I would recommend this to people.

So far my experience has been so great, excited to be moving into the forum. Even thought I have moved in my experience so far has been one of the best ones!

The experience was perfect and I’ll be glad I’m staying there for the remaining of my college at Texas womens university in Denton Texas2018

So far Forums has treated me with the utmost respect and I love this place. I should’ve moved here a long time ago. This apartment complex is so beautiful too.

Convenient location and nice apartment, but the gym needs to be updated and cleaned regularly. I am worried about the hidden feels in this next contract as it appears that they will be forcing us to buy renter’s insurance. I am currently happy, but will not be if my rent goes up.

It was very well explained. Love the snacks you guys provided. The rooms are nice and clean especially the bathrooms. Everything else is great.

I love living at the forum. The location is great, close to UNT and also close to my job. Staff is great at helping with any questions and concerns you may have.

Pretty okay so far, but definitely wish rates were lower. Overall the office staff tends to be nice and helpful with some exceptions. I renewed my lease!

It was a real experience, there was a lot of things to do as in activity wise and it was a friendly environment. I really liked how the staff was friendly and openly.

I love living here! It’s close to everything and everything is clean around the property! The pool is so nice and I love the hot tub! The people who live here are all so nice and the staff does a good job helping you if need anything!

Always have loved living here! Never had any problems with anything. Staff and maintenance are always very helpful and knowledgeable when I need anything.

This experience has been nice I just wish there was more security at night. I also believe that there should be more events that are planned more in advance for residents like breakfast in the mornings.

Great student living with pool and home furnishings perfect for 1-4 people! Love the staff, the pool party old amazing, and the dog park is wow-derful

After staying at this apartment for about an year now, its safe to say that it was a fun experience. Although there were some minor problems over the furniture, the service and the community was great!!

The apartment complex is a great place but I've been having problems with people coming in the exit to get into the apartments I've almost ran into a few people already because they don't pay attention.also I've had problems with no stop wouldn't be an issue but people have been cutting me off because they won't stop..other than that I love the place!

I have enjoyed living here since August! The apartments are beautiful and staff is helpful. I’m sad I will be moving back home after graduation, but will 10/10 recommend this apartment complex to friends!

It’s great! I love the pool and having my own bathroom. The staff is wonderful and I love getting free breakfast in the morning. I will recommend people to check out the apartments.

I feel as if this is a great community for renting an spetmenr for the first time. I look forward to the excitement that will be involved living here.

I always knew the forums were a nice place to live but I never actually took a tour of them & when I did it made it better for me & gave me an easier decision on where to lease

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