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I lived here for a year and it was a great place to live! The office staff is great and very helpful. The maintenance department completed work orders very fast and timely. Perfect place for college students!

Very nice, quality Areas. Leasing people are very nice and helpful. The pool is very nice to relax in. I really love the court as well. The security guard is lit as well.

It was great. Attendant were very nice to me. Houses shown were clean, pools were clean, and it has every thing a student needs to survive.

Great! The complex has been so nice to me as a new resident. The amenities are outstanding and I overall feel completely safe and taken care of.

i love it, and i haven't even moved here yet. the staff is so friendly. it is a very quiet commuity with lots of events and offers available.

It was a great experience. Good apartment with good management. They have a really good offers to renew your lease. The apartment prand new.

I love this community and I absolutely cannot wait to move in. I love all the amenities the Forums has to offer especially the sand volleyball courts becaisw me and my friends love to play. The apartments are so nice and updated.

The experience I had during my tour and the application process was incredibly informative. I am excited to join the Forum family and start my residency!!

It’s amazing love the people and plcae. Great things come with the apartment and really helped me out I’m so happy can’t waot to move in! I’m so excited

IT was kool. i think it was awesome. so nice. wow incredible so impressed. unbeable. IT was kool. i think it was awesome. so nice. wow incredible so impressed. unbeable.

So far, The Forums is so welcoming and the staff is great! I’m so thrilled to have picked this complex as my new home for this year. Good job!

The service and the cooperation is amazing. Touring the apartment was a very good experience and the whole complex is very beautiful and well kept.

When I came to tour, I really loved the apartment. It made me feel right at home. I did not feel out of place, I felt like I really belonged there.

A great environment to mature as a adult. I love the staff they are very welcoming and make sure that they communicate anything with me. They are also ver understanding.

I enjoyed the fact I’m getting a pretty good deal on rent but when I signed the lease their was no promotional offers. Everyone was offering something like a gift cards, prizes etc but the forum at the time wasn’t offering anything expect for 3 and 4 bedrooms leases (ACL tickets). But I do enjoy the upgrades of the apartments. Good vibes all throughout from staff and apartment community in general. (:

the residents was very night i cant wait to come back and start school in the fall. very quite apartment complex. pool was awesome and me and my friend enjoyed it they will be moving in in the fall

One thing I really like about the Forum community is that everyone is involved. They provide staff and faculty members who care about the residents. I really like the involvement of the community.

I have not moved in yet, but my tour and the signing process was very nice and pleasant. All my questions were answered and the employee that showed me around was very friendly and knowledgeable. So far, I'm excited to move in.

Beautiful community help full leases agents apartments are well kept & clean amenities are up kept & offers a wide variety of options parking is always available

Pretty quiet place to live if you live in the back or away from the pool. It’s a little pricey otherwise nice. Wish they had more short term leases

The forum is a great place to live at. There are many amenities that are available to the residents. The apartments are well furnished and close to campus.

My experience at the forum denton has been great thus far. The staff are friendly and cooperative, and the rates are fair. I hope that they keep everything the same.

I absolutely love staying at the forum. My pup really enjoys the park and I really enjoy all the amenities and sense of community. Staff has always been friendly and I’ve been paired with great roommates!

I don't live here yet, (moving in in the fall) but it seems like it will be great! The staff has been really nice and helpful each time I've called with questions

So pretty and I love everything about it!! The pool is my favorite because of the eagle tiles at the bottom to show school spirit. And the volleyball area is great to have some fun and create new friends!